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Joanna Barclay – A fresh, new face in the Asian Conference Marketplace

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“Joanna exudes passion, enthusiasm and energy in her delivery, constantly engaging with the participants to ensure their understanding, inspiring their participation and inclusivity.”          David Hsiao, Managing Director, Ardentec, Singapore

“Joanna is Ted Talk quality and her idea is worth spreading”.                                                          CC Puan, CEO, Packet 1, Mobile Telecommuications Company, Malaysia

“It was a great session and a perfect way to wrap up our conference. I’ve received many notes of appreciation today. Your contribution to the development of our leaders is truly appreciated!”     Lori Arpin – VP Communications, GM Singapore, Shanghai, China


Speaker Profile 

Her Expertise

Joanna Barclay is CEO of the Culture Leadership Group, Corporate Leadership Expert, Global Speaker,  Certified Professional Facilitator, Media Contributor, and Author of Conscious Culture – How to Build a High Performing Workplace through Values, Ethics, and Leadership.

A veteran with 3 decades of industry experience in business transformation working with leadership teams, resulting in high-performing, values-driven organizations. Joanna is passionate about empowering leadership teams to achieve the full potential of their organizations.

Through her work as a certified cultural transformation consultant and former Director of the TLEX Program (Transformational Leadership for Excellence), she understands the human dynamics of change, and the vital life force energy in values that drive excellence and superior performance.

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Key facts


  • CEO – Culture Leadership group
  • Author of acclaimed book – Conscious Culture – How to Build a High Performing Workplace through Values, Ethics, and Leadership.
  • Global Speaker at international conferences, corporate events, and leadership development seminars
  • Member of APSS – Asia Professional Speakers – Singapore
  • Leadership Expert transforming teams, leadership and workplace culture resulting in high performing, values-driven organizations
  • Certified Professional Facilitator accredited by the International Association of Facilitators


  • Canadian Director of the gold standard in leadership development programs – Transformational Leadership for Excellence (TLEX) program.
  • Earlier career as an expert in large scale information management and technology transformation working for Oracle Corporation and Digital Equipment
  • A graduate of the National Training Laboratory (NTL) Organizational Development program.
  • Certified Core StrengthsTM Consultant , Level 1 & 2.
  • Bachelor of Administration from the University of Ottawa, with Honors in Management of Information Systems.

Flies from Singapore


 Signature Keynotes:

  Awakening the Heart of Leadership Potential

happiness and joy in workplace culture


“All you need is love”.  These words made famous by The Beatles 30+ years ago still hold true today.  Everyone wants to experience love, joy and happiness in life and at work, but few are able to realize this potential.

Positive energy and inspirational leadership engages staff by connecting hearts and minds.  Living the values of open communication, respect, trust, and integrity, leaders are able to better understand and meet the needs of all their stakeholders.

In her talk, Joanna provides a roadmap to fulfilment, vibrant mental and physical health. She shares the keys to success wherein leaders develop greater self-awareness, and awareness of others, a key component in adapting to change.  It takes conscious leadership to build a high performing, happy workplace culture. With Awareness to engage the intellect, Belongingess to engage the heart, and Commitment to engage the whole organization.

This talk awakens leaders to who we are, and the importance of our inner nature. Mind, body and soul are integrated to promote health, inner peace, relationships, and ability to fulfil our organizational purpose.

Joanna bridges the divide between the physical and spiritual, the mental and emotions, enabling leaders to awaken the “heart” of their potential.


  • Positive energy in the workplace fuelled by inspirational leadership
  • Emotional fulfilment for more joy and happiness
  • Greater self-awareness and awareness of others, developing connections, trust, and mindfulness

Who Benefits?

CEOs, Business Owners, Managers and Staff

. . .  Create a Happy workplace culture!

Client Testimonial:

“Thank you, for your inspirational speech on The power of love and Awakening the Heart of Leadership Potential, during our offsite.  The topic was truly inspirational, and you presented it innovatively that everyone could understand and practice in daily life.    Your knowledge about culture and leadership, inspiring leaders with powerful new ideas were impressive.  The message Love is all you need was set in all minds.”

Selvam ID1



     N. Selvam, Senior Director PSAE, Global Technology Services, EQUINIX


Culture by Design

Build Your High Performing Workplace  

Building an impactful, people-centric, high performing workplace culture unleashes the tremendous potential within your organisation. This creates a workplace that is highly motivated, engaged, and productive. A winning environment that provides conditions for its leaders, employees, customers, and key stakeholders to succeed and grow. Your company’s ability to consciously transform its culture as a strategic tool to attract talent (the right people, not just anyone) and sustain change is now one of the biggest differentiating factors in business.


  • Attract, engage and retain valuable employees
  • Enhance internal culture to create a stronger external brand
  • Increase employee engagement for greater customer satisfaction and revenue growth

Who Benefits?

CEOs, Business Owners, Managers and Staff

. . .  Cultural alignment for strategic success!

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