From Fear to Trust






Everyone wants joy and happiness, but few realize mental, physical and emotional well-being are the foundation to them all.  Advancing the understanding of our inner nature is the key.

We have the power to make choices to be our most joyful, loving and creative selves. So what holds us back from making positive choices to realize our full potential?


  • Fears of not having enough.
  • Fears of not being loved enough.
  • Fears of not being good enough.

In our fast changing world, being able to face our fears, learn and adapt to change, constantly, are highly desire leadership skills.  The most successful individuals and companies are the ones who are able to adapt to change quickly.

What prevents learning and growth are our fears. The overriding need for safety and security.

Here is some wisdom from Abraham Maslow:

“… Growth forward is made possible by the feeling of being safe, operating out into the unknown from a safe home port, of daring because retreat is possible…   Assured safety permits higher needs and impulses to emerge and to grow towards mastery…  In the choice between giving up safety or giving up growth, safety will win out.”

What Maslow is saying is fear holds us back, and trust enables us to grow.

Whenever we encounter a new situation, we need to have the confidence and trust in our abilities to cope with the challenges. It takes courage to grow, and trust in our environment to overcome the fears we may be feeling.

Our experience of moving to Asia from Canada was a huge test in confidence and courage.

What factors in your environment are helping you build the confidence needed for a growth mind-set? How are you enabling your people to embrace change with confidence in their abilities? What is leadership doing to build a safe and secure workplace that will support you if you fail?

Having a growth mind-set enables us to learn and adapt to change. It must be supported by the right workplace culture and leadership.  A workplace culture that encourages creativity and rewards failure, because innovation entails trial and error. A leadership style that builds trust and trustworthiness. That values you and your abilities.

The Trust Matrix (Graphic 5.3) and  Trust Matrix worksheet  (Worksheet 12-1) or pages 83 and 222 from my book, Conscious Culture, will help your team build greater alignment and trust. It empowers teams to move from fear to trust by surfacing the deep issues we have causing us to be risk averse or overly cautious.

How can you overcome your fears?

  • Have confidence in your abilities.
  • Have the courage to know you are safe and secure
  • Trust yourself and others (this can be a biggie!)


Joy and happiness are your birth-right. We mustn’t let our fears hold us back from experiencing the best our life and this world have to offer.

Much love from Singapore


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