Christmas 2

All you need is love

Tis the season, isn’t it? That time of year where the spirit of Christmas fills your heart with love and we feel that warm glow of joy, happiness and peace. What if we could bottle this feeling of love and connection, and share it the whole year? Imagine what life would be like. “All you […]


From Fear to Trust

        Everyone wants joy and happiness, but few realize mental, physical and emotional well-being are the foundation to them all.  Advancing the understanding of our inner nature is the key. We have the power to make choices to be our most joyful, loving and creative selves. So what holds us back from […]

olympics 2016

Corporate Culture’s Crazy Impact on the World

A colleague in the Global Network of Cultural Transformation Consultants, Carol Ring, wrote this newsletter on the Impact of Corporate Culture. I thought it was brilliant and with her permission, I am sharing it with you…   Make no mistake: the Olympic Games are big business, occurring every two years and ranging in budget from […]

Heeding a Wake-Up Call – Do you need to change?

Heeding a Wake-Up Call – Do you need to change?

Have you recently received a wake-up call and done nothing about it? It could be a personal health problem, or a challenge related to your business. High blood pressure or threats from the competition, heart attack or equipment failure, these are all signals for the need to change. All too often, our attachment to old […]

Lifelong Learning

Five Tips for Lifelong Learning

It takes courage for leaders to start a journey of lifelong learning that is brought about by cultural transformation. It is challenging, exciting, and stimulating all at the same time. One leader told me, if he had known before starting the journey, how much personal transformation it would take, he might never have begun the […]

Herd of horses

Leadership Lessons from a Thousand Pound Teacher

After leaving high school I spent 2 years working with horses in Northern Ireland and England. This life experience was profound and enriched my life in many ways. When a colleague from Alberta, Canada, Jennifer Koh, sent me her recent blog, intuitively I knew this was perfect to share with our leadership community. Great […]

Star Wars the Force Awakens (2)

Awakening the Force

December 17, 2015, Star Wars – The Force Awakens opened around the world, introducing Stars Wars and the power of Good vs Evil to a whole new generation. Awakening the force within your organizations enables the following: “Business must view people not as a resource but as sources. A resource is a lump of coal; […]

Courage - doing what is needed

Conscious Culture vs Unconscious Default Culture

November 11, 2015 – 1st Anniversary of our book launch in Southeast Asia. Between conscious and unconscious culture of old and new values and behaviors, of unconscious victimization and conscious choice, is a cultural transition of major proportions. Many organizations are undecided about which way to go and are some type of combination of both […]