About Us

Every CEO’s dream is to build a high performing workplace.

Our goal is to work with leadership teams to help them achieve this dream!

Learn how to build a high performing workplace culture by awakening the life force energy within values, ethics, and leadership to strengthen engagement, fuel productivity, and build trust to unite the organization.

Our vision

To create healthy, productive workplaces around the world where people are engaged, empowered, contributing, and making a difference for positive change.

Our values

Collaboration, shared vision, making a difference, and compassion

Our mission

We provide facilitative leadership helping leaders transform their teams, leadership, and culture resulting in high performing, values-driven organizations that fuel employee engagement, collaboration and productivity.

We do this through:

Our Consultants

Corporate culture
CEO Culture Leadership Group

Clients truly appreciate the experience, knowledge and dynamic speaking, consulting, facilitation, and coaching skills the Culture Leadership Group have in working with leadership teams. We inspire and stimulate participation and creativity, observe and understand group dynamics, manage the process, gather information, build commitment and consensus. The end result – clients are motivated and achieve their desired results.

Our Philosophy

With 30 years in business transformation working with cross functional teams, our passion lies in igniting inspiring visions, facilitating active participation for organizational change, aligning strategic objectives, and developing resourceful leaders and teams. We have spent 15 years in the IT Industry working with leadership teams to implement new technology. The past 15 years, working with leadership teams, facilitating change, building high performing, values-driven organizations.  Our goal is to help organizations achieve their full potential, where people take ownership, build commitment and bridge communication gaps. The Cultural Leadership Group ensures successful transformation from concept through to implementation.

“If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together.”

Our unique approach to cultural transformation delivers value well beyond the bottom line. That’s because we use collaboration to strengthen employee engagement and increase your speed of implementing change by mapping, measuring and managing your culture. With our network of experienced change leaders, we not only help companies save money, we help them learn how to work more effectively together to make money.

Our Expertise:

  • Member of APSS – Asia Professional Speakers – Singapore 
  • Expert in facilitating and leading transformation to build high-performing, values-driven organizations
  • Institute of Cultural Affairs (ICA) Certified Technology of Participation (ToP®) Facilitator and International Association of Facilitators (IAF) Certified Professional Facilitator
  • Certified Cultural transformation Tools Consultant and Trainer – Barrett’s Values Centre
  • Former Canadian Director of the International Association for Human Values’ Transformational Leadership for Excellence (TLEX) program
  • Graduate of the National Training Laboratory (NTL) Organizational Development program
  • Certified Personal StrengthsTm Consultant, Level 1 & 2
  • Background in large-scale information management and technology transformation
Organizational behavior

aAdvantage Consulting

Established in 2002, the founders are bonded by the belief that consultants need to get more involved in implementation work. With key solutions such as Research, Team Building & Development, Culture Transformation, and HR Transformation, the firm helps organisations and its people to achieve impactful and sustainable implementation.

Organization culture change management

Barrett Values Centre

Barrett Values Centre provides powerful metrics that enable leaders to measure and manage the cultures of their organisations and leadership development needs. The core products of Barrett Values Centre are the Cultural Transformation Tools (CTT). The tools are used to map the values of over 6,000 organisations and 3,000 leaders in 90 countries. The tools are used in corporations, NGOs, government and municipal agencies, communities, schools, and nations to foster group, leadership and personal transformation. The CTT values assessment instruments are available in over 50 languages.

High performing workplaces

International Association of Human Values

IAHV is committed to fostering human values and social responsibility across all sectors of society, and in particular, with the TLEX Program in the corporate sector. It seeks to build personal excellence, creativity, enthusiasm, and overall happiness in the workplace. IAHV promotes the ability to have a stress-free mind and inhibition-free intellect, enabling individuals to achieve their full potential. The TLEX approach has proven effective for many of the world’s leading private and public sector organizations such as: Accenture, Coca–Cola, Dell, GE HealthCare, the Government of Canada, Google, Harvard School of Business, IBM, IKEA, MIT Sloan University, Shell, The World Bank, and The World Health Organization.

Leadership development

ICA Associates

ICA Associates Inc. is a social-entrepreneurial facilitation, training and research organization that designs and leads participatory group processes and teaches people how to do it for themselves. Helping individual, organizations and communities across the globe transform their most challenging situations into empowering opportunities.

Madalena Coutinho

Madalena Coutinho

Madalena Coutinho is an inspiring Speaker, Certified Professional Facilitator, Cultural Transformation Tools Consultant,  Trainer,  and Coach who for the past 25 years has helped bring out the best in people and organizations. She is well-known for her ability to get to the core of a client’s issue and help them leverage the knowledge, experience and expertise inherent in their own people to achieve successful outcomes.

She is also a Subject Matter Expert (SME) in the Leadership Development and Interpersonal Core Skills Practice with a focus on five key leadership competencies: corporate culture, change management, leadership and teamwork, growth & innovation, and merger integration.

Clients describe her as authentic, straightforward and inspiring, and they appreciate her ability to offer real-world skills that can be immediately transferred to the workplace for productive results.